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The EU did not ‘pass a copyright directive’ last year, they ripped the heart out of the free internet. And while people fighting for freedom of expression may have won the first round against ACTA in 2012, the copyright industry, EU technocrats and France won round two.

Last year the copyright directive was adopted after France traded support for the nord stream II pipeline with Germany and gotten support for their censorship directive. What’s in it for France? Amaru explains: just Follow the Money.

Fast forward to today, we’re all focussed on coronavirus, we see social media giants censoring and political leaders crying wolf on fake news. But what they’re obfuscating is the bigger threat of institutionalised censorship quietly being implemented by the EU.

ACTA (Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) was stopped most of all by the Polish, back in 2012. Now Amaru Szakur from Poland explains what is going on with ACTA-2, the article 13 (renamed to article 17) in the copyright directive and how that is tied in with what is called anti terror regulation #terreg.

There’s a bigger picture also. We are at the turn of the tides and like with any revolution, this fourth industrial revolution comes in times of great changes. Be ready for artificial intelligence in the filtered digital single market formerly known as the free internet.